Who we are

We are a 100% Nigerian group that deploys top-notch technology in meeting the needs of our clients. We have deep vertical knowledge of industry specific needs and we deploy cutting-edge technology in contact centre, BPO, and ITES. We are driven by passion, commitment and dedication as we deliver robust customer support solutions that span every segment of the customer value chain.

Benefits for partnering with us

Outsource Global delivers excellent customer services year after year. Our clients give us All-Star ratings in every aspect of our operations. We are flexible and never take a one-size-fits-all approach in meeting our clients’ needs. Outsource Global executive and management team pride themselves on being approachable at all times. No matter your industry, Outsource Global will come up with a cost-effective solution suited to your specific needs. Thus, we constantly provide ways to advance your financial security.

As all hands at Outsource Global are on deck in meeting our clients’ needs, we take the quickest but most effective route. Outsource Global constantly finds ways to be the best employer to our workers which helps us be the best third-party provider to our clients.

We proffer the right solutions for the dynamic needs of each client, despite constant changes in the business climate.

Our International Focus

Outsource Global broad vision sees the world as a potential opportunity. In our utmost respect for other cultures, we are constantly on the lookout for ways to promote financial advancement for our clients, however far-flung they may be. Our treasured employees from diverse demographics in Nigeria are given every chance to exchange opinions, grow in their roles, and leverage their experiences as they provide valued contributions to the organization.
Outsource Global has set its sights on becoming a regional leader in the business processing outsourcing (BPO) and ITES sector. With a large number of US companies moving their BPO and Contact Centre operations closer to home (near shore) located in a near time zone more convenient to serve American clients, Outsource Global is taking the opportunity to target the sector and attract more FDI into the country.

Our Focus On Customers

We consider our clients as our partners and have a reputation for offering high-quality services. In our do more approach for customers, Outsource Global has built a reputation on consistently exceeding our clients’ expectations.

An Ethical Approach

Honesty and ethics is key to business success. We pride ourselves on honesty and transparency with our valued partners out of a desire to pass on this approach.

Empowering Our Clients

We foster our clients’ growth by way of encouraging them to take pride in small victories and major triumphs. In developing Outsource Global values, we empower our customers via:

1. Customizing the client requirements.

2. Creating a holistic, targeted customer experience integrating product and service offerings by the client.

3. Integrating clients’ business models understanding what the mutual incentives are, and figuring a way to link successes.

4. Providing everything they need at their fingertips.

5. Providing research data and MIS to clients related to their campaigns.

Our Values

In fulfilling our mission to provide the best third-party outsourcing solutions, we developed these core values with the specific purpose of providing the excellent and valuable service to our clients.

Our Long-Term Growth

Outsource Global recognizes the importance of long-term growth even as we rapidly expand our clients’ businesses. Outsource Global offers both short-term and long-term bespoke solutions both our clients and their stakeholders find cost-effective.

Our Passion in Business

Our zeal for providing the best third-party solutions imbues us with pride in our leading position within the industry. Outsource Global works round the clock in helping all our clients achieve desired results.

Our Commitment to Quality

We focus on devising quality and cost-effective offshore outsourcing solutions to our customers. In our advance, Outsource Global follows COPC and ISO27001 Standards in utilizing the most up-to-date industry innovations, improving our processes and working in synergy.



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